Waikato Milking Systems dairy wins US energy efficiency award 28 Nov, 2016

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Waikato Milking Systems dairy wins US energy efficiency award

The first 84 bail composite Waikato Milking Systems platform to be built in the USA has won an energy efficiency award.

Cow Pleasant Dairy, owned by Tom and Katrien De Vos and located in Isabella County, Michigan, was named Large Business of the Year by Consumers Energy, the largest electric and natural gas utility in Michigan. The Award is one of three made to businesses which demonstrate substantive energy savings.

Originally from Belgium the De Vos family applied a number of innovations into the development of their 3,450 cow dairy – one of which was the decision to build an 84 bail Centrus Composite Rotary Platform from Waikato Milking Systems. 

“We chose a Centrus composite platform because the company understood that we wanted various aspects of the parlor customized to our needs and they were willing to work with us to make that happen,” Tom De Vos said.

“We liked the concept of a composite platform which is extraordinarily strong yet light, easy to keep

clean and energy efficient.”


The new Centrus Composite Rotary is highly optioned with SmartECRs, SmartPULS, SmartLINK, SmartWASH, Electronic Milk Meters, herd management system and auto-sorting.

The dairy also features a unique direct load milk cooling system which cools the milk from 95 to 36 degrees before it goes into a trailer parked outside the parlor, bypassing the need for a bulk milk tank. When the trailer is full, it is picked up by a truck for transportation to the processor, leaving an empty trailer in its place.

Tom De Vos says “it is a very efficient system, minimizing risk of bacteria, preserving the quality of our milk and, along the way, eliminating a lot of water.”

These and other features, including fans which cool the cows and LED lighting, led to the company being named the Large Business of the Year with energy rebates worth more than $US117,000.