DairyNZ 16 Oct, 2018 by DairyNZ

Farmer Survey into on-farm technology

DairyNZ farmer survey identifies labour saving differences between rotary and herringbone dairies

The DairyNZ Farmer Survey 2018 into on-farm technology uptake provides fascinating insights to the labour saving differences between rotary herringbone dairies.

DairyNZ commenced the survey, of 500 dairy farmers, in 2008 repeating it at five yearly intervals in 2013 and 2018.

Key findings include:

  • Labour efficiency is higher in rotaries with 161 cows milked per person per hour compared to 90 cows per person per hour n a herringbone.
  • Rotaries with a combination of automatic cup removers, teat spraying and automated drafting milked 193 cows per person per hour ie 58 more cows per person per hour than rotaries without the combination.
  • Around 157 cows are milked per hour in a herringbone, on average, compared to 254 in a rotary.
  • Around 90% of New Zealand rotaries have at least one of the following – automatic cup removers, automated drafting or in-shed feeding.
  • When it comes to the technologies which satisfy farmers – herringbone operators say cup removers, fully automated plant wash systems and teat spraying. Rotary operators are most satisfied with in-shed feeding, automated drafting and cup removers.

Read more about the technologies which are adding value and reducing cost on New Zealand dairy farmers by clicking the link below.

Source: https://www.dairynz.co.nz/news/latest-news/value-determines-technology-uptake/