All go for New Zealand Fieldays 19 May, 2014

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Innovative dairy equipment on show at National Fieldays

Waikato Milking Systems will display its innovative range of dairy equipment at New Zealand’s National Fieldays at Mystery Creek, 11 to 14  June 2014.

At National Fieldays, Waikato Milking Systems will be demonstrating its innovative milking equipment, designed to help dairy farmers achieve greater efficiencies in the dairy today and into the future.
The 100% New Zealand owned company designs and manufactures a range of high performing milking systems, world first rotary platform designs and innovative technology. Every type of dairy farming is catered for – ranging from full herd management systems, through large-scale rotary systems with integrated technology, to entry level systems.
An array of technology devices will be on show on the Waikato Milking Systems stand at National Fieldays, illustrating the connectivity and integration of a well designed milking system. Items on show will include electronic cup removers and intelligent mastitis detection technology.
The newly designed Bail Marshal will be on display. This innovative device brings an unprecedented level of integration and future proofing to the milking system. With one on every bail, the Bail Marshal manages connectivity and communication between all bail devices easily and effectively, making it easier than ever to add, use and upgrade milking technology. It is the ultimate in plug and play technology. Any device will simply plug in and is ready to go - both current and future designs - providing phenomenal future proofing.
The Electronic Milk Meter from Waikato Milking Systems will also feature. This highly accurate device works with the Bail Marshal to provide reliable real-time milking data and help farmers improve the productivity of their herd. Using the company’s ingenious SmartLink data gateway, the Electronic Milk Meter can also communicate wirelessly with LIC’s Protrack and Minda.
Orbit and Centrus rotary platforms will form the basis of an impressive rotary display. Waikato Milking Systems is the largest manufacturer of rotary platforms in New Zealand, which enables greater innovation and scope for continuous design improvement. Visitors to National Fieldays will be able to step up to the bail, apply the cups to model cows and experience the milking routine as if it were real.
Herringbone dairies will also feature. An operational herringbone milking machine complete with a full-size pit will be on display. Walk down into the pit, handle the clusters as if you were milking and try out the Swing Down Jetters to see how streamlined the Waikato Supa4 herringbone is.
In the demonstration dairy area, you will see a Blower Vacuum Pump operating. It will be connected to a Waikato Milking Systems’ SmartDrive variable speed vacuum pump controller – which provides power savings of up to 47% in the dairy.  Farmers will be able to see for themselves how quiet and clean vacuum has become in a modern dairy.
Visit the Waikato Milking Systems stand at National Fieldays, Mystery Creek, June 11-14, on their site at M8 and F52.