Optional Features

Multi Roller Image

Multi Roller

Multi Roller is the latest offering in platform track options from Waikato Milking Systems complementing the Standard Roller and Pivot Roller options already available.
Multi Roller users two I-Beams and a set of industrial grade nylon polymer rollers contained within a unique fixed carriage to ensure correct alignment. In essence this creates a bearing surface that the platform sits on. The load of the platform is distributed across a greater number of rollers which distributes the platform weight more evenly - increasing durability. Smart change technology enables easy changing of the single flanged rollers without the need to cut into or remove sections of the I-Beam. The Multi Roller system can be installed onto any Waikato Rotary platform.

When combined with a Centrus Composite Rotary platform, Multi Roller offers an industry leading roller loading ratio of 700kg per roller - it simply can’t be beaten.


  • Cast nylon polymer material specifically engineered for industrial roller applications.
  • Fixed carriage system to ensure accurate roller alignment.
  • Hot dip galvanized beam supports, Idler Rollers and Drive frames.
  • Unique ability to change rollers easily if required with “Smart Change Technology”.
  • No bearings to replace in the cast nylon rollers, lower operating costs - lowest cost of ownership.
  • No fuss automatic lubrication system.
  • Low point loading.
Pivot Roller Image

Pivot Roller

The Pivot Roller, designed by and exclusive to Waikato Milking Systems, is one of the biggest innovations in rotary platform design in more than 20 years.

The innovation means that, for the first time, it's possible to maintain perfect alignment between the platform and its support structure (the 'I' beam). The resulting l00% contact enhances the platform performance minimising wear and tear.

• Replaceable l50mm CNC machined cast roller
• l00mm Pivot Roller matched to lOOmm contact strip on 'I' beam
• Replaceable bearings and bushes
• Pre and post installation height adjustment
• Precision laser aided set-up process ensuring exceptional build quality.
• Safety guards on each Pivot Roller protect the operator

• Self-aligning rollers provide constant and perfect contact with the 'I' beam
• Reduced maintenance
• Longer track and roller life
• Wider l00mm wear strip increases life of roller and 'I' beam
• Rollers and bearings easily swapped out with minimum down time in operations
• Roller assembly easily adjusted after installation
• Pre greased sealed bearings
• Optional waste oil collection

Heavy Duty Bails Image

Heavy Duty Bails

The large scale 24/7 dairy farms in places like China and America often use larger breeds of cows to meet their production demands. To tackle such scenarios Waikato Milking Systems have developed a Heavier Duty Bail made from higher tensile strength steel than our traditional bails.

Built to exacting standards these heavy duty bails are built to withstand the 24/7 operation and add to the stability of the entire platform. The cow flow rate is high due to the unique design and makes for a great milking experience.

• Designed for high through-put 24/7, large scale dairy farms
• Retains our proven 3 rail high cow flow bail design

• Manufactured to the highest standards using robotic welding
• Larger profile for increased strength and robustness
• Top of the bail radial connection ensures maximum lateral strength