Herringbone Loopline

A Waikato Loopline milking system has been designed for use in Midline swing-over and low-line herringbone installations.

The design calls for two milk pipes that are looped together and feed back to one receiver. The main goal of the design is to spread the load /volume in the system during milking and maintain constant and stable milking vacuum. 

Ideal for both small and large herringbone installations, Looplines are available with 63mm or 75mm milk pipes and can be fitted with a wide range of Waikato Milking Systems accessories.

• Two milk pipes loop together and feed into one receiver
• The load gets divided by the integrity of the design
• Constant and stable milking vacuum is maintained
• Great value for money and ideal for both small and large herringbone
• Can be fitted with other Waikato Milking System accessories 

• Vacuum stability
• Flexible design allows the system to fit into any low-line or double cup dairies
• Tangential milk inlet allows for better cleaning