Herringbone Systems

An in-line stall set-up is an efficient, and economical solution for milking commercial herds.

Typically an in-line system requires a smaller building footprint than a rotary platform, which may be important when siting your dairy facility. Cows stand on an elevated linear platform in an angled or herringbone fashion facing away from the operator area. This exposes the udder of the cow to allow access to milk her from the side and room for a cup remover and associated equipment.

Waikato Milking Systems offers three in-line system options, Supa4, Loopline and Lowline.

Supa4 Herringbone System Image

Supa4 Herringbone System

Known for its fast, clean milking characteristics the Waikato Milking Systems Supa4 has out performed and out sold all others in its class.

The Supa4 has been designed and engineered to meet the needs and expectations of modern milking and the demands of farmers today.  An installation process standardised across the entire Waikato product range guarantees the overall integrity of the system and provides an assurance to you of a quality product.

The Supa4 design calls for a single 100mm milk-line draining into a receiver mounted at one end of the pit. A large 100mm milk line ensures cluster vacuum is maintained at an optimum level at all times and totally eliminates milk line flooding. With a modern electronic pulsation system, milking is both fast and uninterrupted. The unique mounting system for a Supa4 accommodates a wide range of accessories including Swing Arms, Swing-down Cluster Washers and much more.

A Hurricane Slug Wash System is the best cleaning system of its type and comes standard on all Supa4’s. Unique features incorporated into the design ensure the 100mm milk line is maintained at the highest hygiene level taking full advantage of a totally enclosed wash system.

A Supa4 milks faster, milks more efficiently and cleans up more effectively than any other. With a well-earned reputation for more than 25 years Supa4 has served the dairy industry well. Waikato Milking Systems Supa4 is a recognised leader and has proven over time to be the mid-line swing-over of choice for most New Zealand and many international customers.


• Easy to operate
• Can support a large number of clusters
• Very fast milking
• Extremly stable cluster vacuum
• Superior slug wash system


•    Suitable for cows
•    Single 100mm milk-line
•    Mid mounted milk-line
•    Available as a double up low line system
•    Hurricane slug wash system
•    End mounted receiver group


•    Swing Arms
•    Swing down cluster washers
•    Cup removers
•    Automatic wash system (machine only)
•    Milk air purge
•    Variable speed milk pump control
•    Variable speed vacuum pump control


Herringbone Loopline  Image

Herringbone Loopline

A Waikato Loopline milking system has been designed for use in Midline swing-over and low-line herringbone installations.

The design calls for two milk pipes that are looped together and feed back to one receiver. The main goal of the design is to spread the load /volume in the system during milking and maintain constant and stable milking vacuum. 

Ideal for both small and large herringbone installations, Looplines are available with 63mm or 75mm milk pipes and can be fitted with a wide range of Waikato Milking Systems accessories.

• Two milk pipes loop together and feed into one receiver
• The load gets divided by the integrity of the design
• Constant and stable milking vacuum is maintained
• Great value for money and ideal for both small and large herringbone
• Can be fitted with other Waikato Milking System accessories 

• Vacuum stability
• Flexible design allows the system to fit into any low-line or double cup dairies
• Tangential milk inlet allows for better cleaning

Herringbone Lowline Image

Herringbone Lowline

Lowline Herringbones provide the fastest possible Herringbone milking routine, are extremely effective and efficiently manage high volume cows.

The Lowline is uniquely configured for a Herringbone System as the milk travels downwards as in a rotary, rather than upwards as in other Herringbones. The milk pipes in the Lowline are mounted in the pit, below the cow platform. The milk travels straight down from the cups into the Receiver Group, which helps maintain vacuum pressure.

This exceptional vacuum stability makes the milking procedure extremely quick. A choice of 63mm, 75mm or 100mm milk pipes is available for this system.

Another difference to other Herringbone styles is that a Lowline has one cluster per cow rather one cluster for every two cows.

• Lower vacuum level than high and mid line systems
• Suited for farms with less area to use for parlour
• Upgradeable with full range of automation

• Vacuum stability
• Flexible design allows the system to fit into any low-line or double cup dairies
• Tangential milk inlet allows for better cleaning


Herringbone EL Image

Herringbone EL

Waikato Milking Systems manufacture quality milking systems that cover a wide variety of need within the dairy industry. Be it for large, intense farming operations, small transitional or developing farms, Waikato Milking Systems have a milking solution to suit you, at a price you can afford.

Without compromising the performance we have created a small milking machine that can be installed quickly, will provide years of reliable service and can be expanded upon when that time comes.

This entry level milking system is available with 6 – 8 – 10 or 12 clusters. The system is configured as a mid-mounted swing over designed for fast efficient milking with the least amount of effort and built with robust product requiring very little maintenance.

Ideal for remote locations where technical assistance can be difficult to find, a Waikato EL is the perfect milking system offering three key features:

• Simplicity
• Ease of operation
• Very low levels of maintenance

The base specification for every Waikato EL has been carefully thought through in an effort to provide a cost effective solution. You can add more sophistication or enhance the product at the time of installation or any time thereafter.

“If we know your long term goal we can build this expectation into the base milking system and when the time comes to add more clusters, this becomes much easier.”