Examples of Reports available:
• All cows
• Average days in lactation
• Average production AM PM per cow for the last month
• Average solids by cow for last 10 days
• Cows by feed group and calve date
• Cows calved in the last 30 days
• Cows died in the last year
• Cows due to be preg tested
• Cows due to calve in next 60 days
• Cows in voluntary waiting period
• Cows joined in the last 60 days
• Cows preg tested and empty
• Cows preg tested and pregnant
• Cows producing more than 40 litres
• Cows ready to be joined
• Cows sold in the last year
• Cows to be dried off
• Current 2 year olds
• Dry cows
• Feed averages by feed group
• Feed costs per cow
• Heifers
• Herd averages
• Herd feed averages
• Milkers
• Yesterday milk production AM PM by feed group

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Alerts are both visual and auditory. The parlour console screen layout can be tailored to suit the operator. Text for alerts are spoken on the sound system when the cows enter the platform.

You can choose a raft of events to receive alerts for such as:-
- withholding animals
- new groups
- conductivity alert

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Actions - Once the operator has received an alert you then have choices as to what to do with that Alert. It could be that a treatment is required, or not be milked. The operator can also apply a draft request.