Dairy Management

Imagine if the milking you do today could generate information which would improve the profitability of your farming business,tomorrow. Well it can.

A NaviGate Dairy Management System starts with a hub that becomes the brains of your dairy shed. Together with a collection of optional components that are modular, the system will gather and analyse sets of information. Feeding back into the Office and Parlor consoles, this information is automatically analyised allowing you to make informed decisions to improve the overall productivity and profitability of your herd and farm.

As you milk, NaviGate is monitoring per-cow production, identifying high conductivity milk and notifying the operator of treatment and withholding cows. It is recording live-weights and managing in-parlour feeding of concentrates based on user defined recipes. And it is automatically drafting cows based on rules or pre-selected lists.

Between milkings, and while the herd is grazing, NaviGate is measuring and analysing animal behaviour giving one of the highest rates of heat detection in the world, and early warnings of health issues.

The NaviGate Dairy Management System will enable you to fine-tune the performance of your farm dairy, herd and farm team adding new dimensions of information, ease, profitability and enjoyment to the business of dairying.

Accurate cow and bail identification

Controls in-parlour feed to each cow
Based on user defined rules, recipes can be built to target feed for specific animals to improve production, improve post calving body condition or simply feed a higher quality feed.

Ability to record all animal events
e.g. Births, matings, pregnancies, dry-off dates

Integrated with herd management software
Integrates with DairyCOMP 305, Uniform Agri, PC Dart, DHIA (depends on country availability)

Option for automatic milk production recording
Milking time, individual milking profile & conductivity can now be seen and is recorded. This data can be used to show how consistent milking process improves animal comfort and milk production.

Optional Walk-Over Weighing linked to either Gallagher Dairy Scale or Tru – Test Weigh Scale.

Powerful selection and reporting
An intuitive user interface with simple menus for particular actions. Pre-defined reports can easily be customised to suit each farms particular requirements.

Modular System can easily be added to and upgraded as and when you require.

Proven over time and designed based extensively on farmer feedback.

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