Heat Management

The NaviGate Heat collar uses cutting edge technology to accurately detect fertility events.

The collar continuously monitors each cow’s behaviour, comparing this to her normal behaviour patterns and those of her peers, and correlates any change from her normal pattern to a cause. For example, increased movement is one indicator of oestrous.

The collar monitors and records her behaviour and downloads it to the reader when she comes within range of the parlor.

An audible alert, as she enters the parlor, signals the operator to any change in behaviour enabling automatic drafting.
Recognised as one of the most reliable and accurate heat detection system in the world, NaviGate Heat will identify cycling and non-cycling cows, silent or standing heats, short and long returns.
Its accuracy enables you to avoid the cost of, and time involved in, applying heat patches and tail paint and avoids the need for a member of the team to ‘spot’ cycling cows in the paddock or parlor.

Unlike visual observation, NaviGate Heat’s six hour observation window enables identification of the peak of her oestrous cycle ie the optimum time for insemination thereby improving your farm’s pregnancy rates. The NaviGate collar is powered by a replaceable battery with a 5 year battery life. Battery monitoring is built into the system issuing an alert when the battery needs to be replaced.

• Improves heat detection and pregnancy rates
• Identifies cycling and non-cycling cows, silent and standing heats
• Quick return on investment