Health Management

An audible alert, as sheReduce health costs and improve the overall health, production and fertility of your herd with NaviGate health management.

NaviGate health collars provide an unparalleled level of recording accuracy for health events within in your herd. The NaviGate collar is powered by a replaceable battery with a 5 year battery life. Battery monitoring is built into the system issuing an alert when the battery needs to be replaced.

The collar continuously monitors each cow’s behavioural patterns, comparing this to her normal activity level and those of her peers, and correlates any change from her normal pattern to a cause.

For example, if she has spent a large part of the day lying down the system will identify a range of possible causes eg lameness or illness. Similarly, increased activity is one indicator of oestrous. The collar downloads her activity to the reader when the cow comes within range of the dairy.

An audible alert, as she enters the dairy, signals the operator to any change in behaviour so remedial action can be taken. The ability to monitor the health of each cow in the herd enables you to maximise her production and also ensures she comes forward for breeding in optimum condition, improving your in-calf rate.

All health treatments are easily entered by selecting the appropriate drug from a Veterinary drug list and can be customised to suit local requirements.

In conjunction with best on farm practices for managing treatment cows, you will have the ability to block vacuum for withhold cows as added precautionary step.

Drug withholding times can be added for each drug type to help manage when an animal is ready to return to the main milking group. The system can also manage your drug inventory to provide you with an up to date list of all drugs and treatments used on the farm.

• Continuous monitoring of cow health
• Enables early detection of sick animals through behavioural changes
• Improves herd health, fertility and conception rate
• Saves labour, veterinary and breeding costs