Feed Management

Save money and improve the ease, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of feeding your herd with NaviGate Dairy Management’s feed option.

The system’s flexibility allows you to tailor feed to individual cows, easily transfer cows from one feed group to another and apply multiple criteria ie days in milk, milk yield and cow status. Temporary feed adjustments (ie for weather events, feed supply issues etc) are easily applied to individual feed groups. You can easily control up to four feed types.

NaviGate Feed Management provides you with a flexible range of feed options:

  1. Whole herd, where every cow gets the same ration
  2. Feed to group, where groups are fed based on production, weight, age, days in milk, days until calving, days post calving  etc.
  3. Feed to production, individual target ration based on production, weight, age, days in milk, days until calving, days post calving etc.

The system’s flexibility means you can apply multiple feed criteria appropriate to each animal or group of animals. For example newly calved cows can go on high energy feed ration for a period of time and then automatically move into ‘feed to production’ or whatever group you have set.

A range of reports enable you to see what each cow is producing in dollar terms so you can feed based on profitability v. yield.

At a glance you can also evaluate the impact high performance feeds are having on per cow and overall herd production.

Changing the feed criteria is simply a matter of dragging a line on a graph.

At a glance you can compare the quantity and cost of feed with per cow and herd production – over any sequence of milkings.

Inventory management provides you with an overview of how much feed is being dispensed, at each milking and across all milkings, how much is taken from the silo, and how much remains, issuing a low level alert.


  • Enables you to feed to each cow’s requirements, optimizing health and production
  • Reduces feed wastage, saving you money
  • Easily adapted so you can change feed requirements to suit cow liveweight, health issues or environmental challenges.