Goat + Sheep Milking Products

Goat Claws Image

Goat Claws

These individual milking claws incorporate unique shut- off valves, which automatically control the vacuum supply to each liner during both milking and washing.

As soon as the liner fits into the teat the valve automatically opens. When milking is finished, pulling the liner slightly lets air into the claw and closes the valve allowing the unit to be detached. The ITP 207 system normally stays closed at the start in order to avoid vacuum leakages at the activation of the milking machine. Washing is fully automated.

• Shut-off valves control the vacuum supply
• Automated washing
• Operation begins with the teat going into the liner and stops when the teat comes out
• Made with high impact resistant materials

• Less vacuum fluctuation when liners are fitted and removed
• Valve closes automatically if the cluster is kicked off
• An unhealthy teat can be isolated during milking
• Easy to inspect for cleaning and maintenance

Jetters  Image


These jetters are specifically designed for goat and sheep dairying. The cups on the jetters are made to suit the diameter of the liners and shells used to milk the goats or sheep.

They are available in 2 options - a nipple type jetter or a cup type jetter and can be chosen as per requirement.

• Use of only 2 instead of 4 like cows
• Accessible and easy to use
• Flexible mounting options
• Mounted rigidly to the wash line

• Cost effective
• Low maintenance
• Adjustable flow rates

Optiflow Jetters  Image

Optiflow Jetters

Designed for intensive use in the milking parlour and made of extremely resistant plastic material.

The innovative fixing system located directly on the washing tube makes this a unique product in this category. The Spinjet guarantees per fect washing of the internal parts of the liner, thanks to the power ful rotational flow. Each Optiflow III Sheep and Goat unit is tested individually, according to regulations and in compliance with ISO standards.

• Available in 2 models with jetter cups or clamp
• Available for 40, 50.8 and 52mm wash lines
• Directly fixed to the pipe
• Larger internal passages
• Flow adjustment screw
• Clamps / cups are perfectly interchangeable

• Improved washing action thanks to the rotational flow
• Main body of the tube studded for fitting on the curved tube of the rotaries
• Reduces accidental air intake
• Excellent support for the cluster during washing
• Larger internal passages
• Flow adjustment screw

SmartPULS (Goat Pulsation)  Image

SmartPULS (Goat Pulsation)

SmartPULS is a digital pulsation system that creates a steady cyclic pressure change that opens and closes your liner consistently every milking.

Designed to limit the development of congestion and oedema in the teat tissues during machine milking, SmartPULS technology ensures the pulsation works in harmony with your goats and sheep.

• Precision solenoids exceed 200 million cycles
• Push button digital circuit boards for adjustment
• Body housing strengthened with brass screw inserts
• 16mm ID rear facing filtered air connection port
• 24 volt regulated power supply

• Produces dependable and accurate results
• Maintains a high rate of milk flow, every pulsation cycle
• The rates and ratios are adjustable for cow, goat and sheep
• The pulsation can be customised to fit your herd
• Comes in four models