Wash Systems

Electronic Air Injector Image

Electronic Air Injector

Waikato Milking Systems Electronic Air Injector gives your wash system maximum flexibility.

Both the air blast time and the cycle timing can be adjusted independent of each other and it is versatile enough to work with any milking machine where a slug wash system is used. Ensures a precise wash system set up and a repeatable wash process every time.

• Latest electronically controlled SMART software
• Push-over mounting to fit onto 32mm stainless steel tube
• 10 Individual settings
• Adjustable electronic timing
• Easy clean sponge filter
• 12 and 24 volt power options

• Easily adjusted air flow
• High turbulence for effective cleaning
• Retrofits onto most milking systems
• Alternating models available
• Low maintenance

G2 Cluster Washer Image

G2 Cluster Washer

G2 Cluster Washers provide a thorough cleaning of your milking system.

With a strong one piece base moulding and three rubber cup sizes to choose from, G2 Cluster Washers combine strength with flexibility to form an integral part of an efficient cleaning system. Designed to maintain excellent plant hygiene G2 Cluster Washers are strong, robust and packed full of useful features.

• Solid, high performance construction
• Three different rubber cup sizes to choose from
• Non-return valves control each nipple
• One piece product made to fit 38 or 50mm stainless steel pipe
• Rotary mounting option available
• Adjustable flow control valve for optimum flow adjustment

• Easy to use
• Suitable for any cluster / liner combination
• Easily accessible and instantly adjustable controls
• Ability to place cups into each unit while the rest are still milking

Hush Kit Image

Hush Kit

A Hush Kit dampens the overpowering noise you get from your machine’s air injectors.

Not only does this allow you to comply with noise regulations, it improves the environment of your dairy. The Hush Kit fits entirely over the electronic air injector reducing the noise to only a whisper. Made in a simple mould process, a top cover and a bottom plate with a pipe port are included. The washable filter ensures you can control noise without restricting airflow.

• Low-density filter element
• Easily separated body and filter for adjustments
• Replacement parts available

• Reduces air injector noise without restricting airflow
• Completely covers the entire air injector for maximum noise control
• Easily installed
• Easily maintained

FC Cluster Washer Image

FC Cluster Washer

The FC Cluster Washer is an effective teat cup cleaning solution for the smaller dairy.

Its construction has been kept deliberately simple to provide a durable and economical solution to your wash routine. It is quick and easy to use while delivering results. An adjustable flow rate and three cup size choices give you flexibility.

• Two piece moulding
• Adjustable flow rate
• Three cup options
• Made to mount standard onto 50mm stainless steel pipe
• 38mm and 40mm options available
• Rotary mounting option available

• Assures flexibility when setting up the wash system.
• Ideal for smaller milking systems
• Tailored to suit most cups / liner combinations
• Enables precise wash system tuning
• Economical





SmartWASH is a completely programmable automated wash system for your milking machine.

With the versatility to manage any wash scenario, SmartWASH enables you to meet all current hygiene standards and regulations.

Developed to provide total flexibility, the SmartWASH Controller is the driving force behind the quality wash system. Its modern touch-screen offers a user-friendly interface. At the touch of a button, SmartWASH can be changed to suit the operator’s needs and control the cleaning regimes of your milking system.

• Easy to use touch screen
• 3 high speed detergent pumps deliver up to 600ml / min
• Compressed air operated valves
• Temperature sensors included
• Data logging capabilities
• Detergent sensors available

• Interlocks protect the system
• Modern electronics
• Easy to follow programming menus
• User friendly touch screen
• Ten wash regimes
• Programmable day by day
• Program acid, alkali or sanitiser washes


Stainless Steel Wash Tubs Image

Stainless Steel Wash Tubs

Waikato Milking Systems design a range of high quality Stainless Steel Wash Tubs specifically for dairy use.

Built by our own stainless steel division, from premium grade 304 dairy stainless means they are built to last. Their V shaped base provides drainage to the outlet point and the integral stainless steel feet keep the wash tub up off the floor and allow cleaning underneath. Waikato Stainless Steel Wash Tubs offer a long-term solution and a strong, robust design suitable for any dairy.

• High quality stainless steel
• V shaped base for easy drainage
• Available in 3 sizes: 450L, 650L and 1000L
• Split lid allows for permanent plumbing and easy inspection
• 50mm outlet drain

• Built to last
• Easy cleaning
• Ezy drains provide fast evacuation

SIZES AVAILABLE: 450L / 650L / 1000L

AutoDOSE Image


AutoDOSE is a self contained, programmable chemical dosing system. It releases controlled amounts of concentrated cleaning chemical into the wash system of a milking machine.

A calibrated amount of liquid acid or alkali is pumped into the system to give an accurate amount of chemical - every time.  The AutoDOSE can draw the chemical from 20m away, reducing handling chemicals.

The 1-touch dosing and visible feedback as to the current state and action of the controlled dose makes it very easy to operate. 

This is a stand alone system so can be added to any manual wash system and is easily programmed by the end user.

• One button push dispensing
• One button push for dose switching
• Pump block prevents concentrated chemical mixing

• Accurate chemical amounts every time
• Easy and fast to change between plant and silos (vats) dosing amounts
• Store dosing amounts for one plant wash and up to five silos (vats)
• Easy initial calibration for accurate chemical measurement