Milk Pump Systems

Flomax Centrifugal Pumps Image

Flomax Centrifugal Pumps

The Flomax centrifugal milk pump is at the lower end of the pump range but is a good basic, compact pump that gets the job done.

This centrifugal milk pump offers smooth pumping action in a cost effective package. The range of sizes available makes this pump a highly flexible option. The variable speed drive is an optional extra that provides reliable control.

• High grade stainless steel
• Available in a range of sizes
• Supplied with 38mm and 50mm ports
• Variable speed drive optional

• Quick pump head removal for easy maintenance
• Seals are easily replaced
• Cost effective
• Suitable for clean in place systems (CIP)

Fristam Centrifugal Pumps Image

Fristam Centrifugal Pumps

Designed with German precision, the Fristram centrifugal milk pump is the top of the line solution for pumping milk around the dairy.

The robust build ensures a long service life and is ideal for use in larger rotary dairies. All Fristram pumps are equipped with open impellers, ideally suited for use in hygiene applications and specially selected stainless steel alloys provide the basis for trouble free operation.

• Discharge pressures up to 110m head
• Available with 1.5kW and 2.2kW motors 400V 3Ph
• Flow rate up to 20,000 litres with 18m head
• Can be operated from a Waikato variable speed flow control system

• Suitable for clean in place systems (CIP)
• Reliable
• Long service life
• Low maintenance

Milk Recovery System Image

Milk Recovery System

The Milk Recovery System ensures most of the milk in your milk recovery system is emptied into the bulk tank at the end of milking.

A pneumatic device with an electrical timer, the Milk Recovery System works off your own air compressor or pressure tank. When activated, it delivers air into the milk delivery line close to the milk pump. As this air expands, it pushes most of the residual milk from the system into the bulk milk storage tank.

• Adjustable, regulated output air pressure
• Adjustable electric timing to cater for any length of milk delivery system
• Plugs into standard 230 VAC electric outlet
• Push button operated
• Remote switch available

• Ensures as much milk as possible goes to bulk tank – eliminating waste
• No risk of water entering bulk tank and downgrading milk quality
• Fits any milking system


SmartDRIVE Milk Pump Controller

The SmartDRIVE milk pump controller is designed to make milk pumping and cooling more efficient.

It controls the milk pump to ensure that the milk is pumped continuously at a slower speed to maximise efficiency of your primary plate cooler. By eliminating the stop/start of the pump you preserve the milk quality achieving a slow, gentle and continuous milk transport.

With the variable speed control you can have the speed gentle for milk pumping and then have the pump ramped up for wash mode.

• High quality, durable IP rated stainless steel enclosure
• Easily programmable milk pump speed to match milk levels
• Selectable automatic or manual mode for dedicated milk or washing phases
• Remote milk/wash control kit available
• Designed, programmed and supported by Schneider electronics

• Milk quality is maintained by eliminating harsh treatment of your milk
• Constant gentle flow of milk minimises the back pressure on the milk filters
• Enhances cooler performance
• Reducing high speed pumping lessens pump and motor wear