Cup Remover Options

Cup Removers are a great way to reduce the manpower needed to milk in your Dairy. Waikato Milking Systems have cup removers for every application. Each option has a range of unique features and one will stand out above the rest as the best solution for you.

Packed with features and designed to enhance the performance of any dairy, Waikato Milking Systems offer a range of superbly engineered electronic cup removers including SmartECR, Ultimate and XTRA. Precision 75mm stainless steel or 80mm plastic rams provide features that guarantee satisfaction, product reliability and durability no matter which option you choose.


ECR-S Image


The ECR-S is Waikato Milking Systems advanced, stand alone cup remover which can integrate seamlessly with other labour saving technologies for the most efficient milking process.

The ECR-S is optimised for Rotary systems where it can be used to control BailGates and SmartSPRAY devices, enabling one man operation for the milking process.
The ECR-S is also suitable for Herringbone installations either with or without SwingArms.  

Clever software in the ECR-S caters for an almost limitless array of milking routine parameters. Operators can customise a variety of settings to suit their herd and individual preferences for the milking routine.


•    Efficient operation with optional AutoStart feature
•    Global communication from SmartCONTROL for easy setting adjustment
•    Waterproof bail switches
•    Ezy Pull-down reduces operator fatigue
•    Retraction speed adjustment for optimum performance
•    Kick-off alert
•    Compatible with BailGate and SmartSPRAY technologies

ECR S Diagram

Milking Point Control



The SmartECR is Waikato Milking Systems premier cup remover solution.

SmartECR integrates seamlessly with other premium Waikato Milking Systems technologies to trigger an automated sequence of events during milking, while enabling the operator to customise the milking routine.

SmartECR works with Vortex — Waikato Milking Systems’ latest flow sensor technology. Together they provide accurate end-of-milking identification and minimal vacuum drop during milking. Vortex triggers the end of milking and blocks the vacuum to the cluster prior to cups being removed. Clever software in the SmartECR caters for an almost limitless array of milking routine parameters. Users can tailor a variety of settings to suit their herd and individual preferences.

With benefits such as reduced labour costs and improved udder health, SmartECR is an asset in any milking system. Rotary operations get the most advantages from the technology with integrations including BailMate — cow retention control, SmartSPRAY — automatic teat spray system, SmartD-TECT — mastitis management, and now milk metering.

SmartECR is a robust, fully featured automatic cup remover that triggers an automated sequence of events during milking.

Vortex flow sensor
Vortex flow sensor and shut-off valve works with SmartECR to accurately determine when milking has ended. The unique design also achieves faster milking and near zero vacuum drop across the valve.

SmartCONTROL is a user friendly touch screen panel that controls the settings of all our premium new generation technology including SmartECR’s operating parameters.

• Triggered automatically with optional AutoStart feature
• Global communication from SmartCONTROL
• Waterproof bail switches
• Built-in Ezy Pull-down
• Built-in ram retraction speed adjustment
• Kick-off alert
• Claw drop
• Independent output for BailMate — cow retention control
• Built-in fault diagnostics

• Consistent milking routine
• Ideal for single operator dairies
• With AutoStart simply cup the cow and milking begins
• Automatically triggers the start and stop functions of other new generation technology products
• Accurate end-of-milking identification
• Improves cow comfort at cluster removal

Ultimate ECR Image

Ultimate ECR

The Ultimate electronic cup remover is a reliable general purpose cup remover solution, designed to provide fast and efficient milking while reducing labour costs.

Designed to suit most dairies, it has the pulling power to manage any job with precision and reliability. Made from high-grade stainless steel, its durability is guaranteed. It is an ideal system for Herringbones and suitable for Rotaries.

The versatile Ultimate electronic cup remover system is operated from a central Master Controller where settings can be adjusted to suit your needs. The Ezy Pull-down feature reduces operator fatigue and works in tandem with the exhaust valve, allowing the cords to be released with ease. The Ultimate electronic cup remover also improves cow comfort at cluster removal.

• AutoStart feature available
• 75mm stainless steel ram
• Snap-on end caps
• Adjustable pre and post milking delay
• Adjustable milk flow sensitivity
• Soft Retract - adjustable ram retraction speed
• Stainless steel rope guides
• Nylon cords

• Fast, efficient milking
• One touch operation and push button waterproof adjustment
• Global communications
• Accurate end of milking identification
• Improved cow comfort at cluster removal
• Stable operating voltage
• Reduced current draw

Swing Arms Image

Swing Arms

An extremely efficient swing over device for your herringbone dairy, the Waikato Milking System Swing Arm promotes excellent cluster alignment and good udder health. In addition, it creates clear pit space and an improved work area for your operator. Quick installation and easy maintenance makes it a must have for all new swing over dairies. 

A standard model simply lets you move the cups from side to side and has no cup remover facility. A second more sophisticated model allows you to use either new or existing cup removers in conjunction with the arm and a third, more highly specified model, is supplied with the cup remover ram built into the arm itself.

Three model variants provide purchasing flexibility and are priced to suit most budget levels. Each model is upgradeable to a fully featured version including a modification that allows SmartD-TECT to be employed. 

A 60-degree angle from the centre of the pit to the milking position ensures correct cluster alignment and a centre stop locates the arm in a position ready for washing. Align your cups properly, milk more efficiently and get rid of excessive pit clutter.


• 60 degree swing from centre to milking position
• Three stop positions – left, right and centre

• Mode light
• Ezy pull-down
• Stainless steel waterproof dropper switch
• Vacuum operated shutoff valve


• Promotes good udder health
• Mastitis prevention

• AutoStart option available
• Global programming
• Programmable pre and post milking parameters
• Delayed take off

Bailmate Image


BailMate Rams save you time and make it a lot easier to manage animals on your rotary platform, by automatically lowering and raising your BailGate Straps when used with SmartECRs.

BailMate rams work intelligently with your SmartECRs to lower and raise a BailGate Strap when the cup removers are activated. If cups are kicked off or a SmartD-TECT alarm occurs, BailMate leaves the BailGate down so the cow is presented back to the operator for inspection.

Powerful 75mm vacuum or electronic rams are available to match the model of Waikato cup remover you have chosen. Controlling the animals on your rotary platform has never been easier.

• 75mm stainless steel ram
• Snap-on end caps
• Vacuum or electronic options available
• Stainless steel rope guides
• Nylon cords

• Low maintenance - long life product
• Easy installation
• Operates with most BailGate styles

TCR- Teat Cup Remover Image

TCR- Teat Cup Remover

Teat Cup Remover (TCR) reduced the possibility of over milking. It is a one-man operation that is easy, safe and cost effective. It is a manually activated device that automatically removes cups from the cow at a specified end point. 

• One touch operation
• Vacuum Operated
• 80mm PVC ram with a 900mm stroke
• Suitable for both herringbone and rotary installations
• In line milk filter
• Semi or fully automatic with the addition of TCR automator
• Spare cord and clip with each ram

• Reduces chance of over milking
• Minimal milk flow resistance
• Safe, simple and reliable
• Low maintenance

Vortex - Flow Sensors Image

Vortex - Flow Sensors

Vortex flow sensors work with Smart ECRs (cup remover technology) to accurately identify end of milking and maintain vacuum stability – even under the highest milkflow rates.

Vortex triggers the end of milking and blocks the vacuum to the cluster before the cups are removed. The high flow Vortex flow sensors quickly evacuate milk using a unique spiralling action which minimises vacuum drop.

High grade stainless steel milk sensing rings monitor milk flow and communicate end of milking to electronic cup removers. The large surface area of the rings provides accurate and reliable milk flow detection. Vortex gives you unrivalled cluster vacuum stability at peak milk flows.

• 22m inlet and outlet ports – designed to enhance the performance of electronic milk meters
• Ferruled or straight sleeved connections onto the milk line
• Transparent see through design
• High grade stainless steel sensing rings
• Long life silicon shut off diaphragm and valve plunger

• Unrivalled cluster vacuum stability at peak milk flows
• Fast and efficient milking
• Better udder health
• Compatible with SmartECR technology