Cluster Sets

Nimbus Claw Image

Nimbus Claw

Designed to assist with mastitis control, lightweight and easy to handle, the Nimbus Claw provides an economic option for most dairy farms. Made from strong industrial plastics, it will withstand the rigours of modern dairies and offers excellent milk flow.

It’s engineered in a way that separates each large bore milk inlet within a remote chamber of the claw. By separating the milk from each of the cow’s quarters during milking like the Nimbus does, the incidence of cross infection is almost eliminated. The highly efficient, easy to use build of the Nimbus Claw makes it s great choice for your milking machine.

• Large capacity – 350ml
• Available in either 4+0 or 2+2 
• Selectable side by side or front to rear milking in 2+2 configuration 
• Extra weight can be added if required 
• Stainless cup remover hook 
• Shock absorbing bumper button 
• Nipples sized for large bore liners 
• 19 mm claw bowl outlet 
• Available with automatic shut-off
• Aid in Mastitis control 
• Lightweight for easier handling 
• Robust construction 
• See-through claw bowl 
• Best suited to Herringbone installations


Waikato 320 Claw Image

Waikato 320 Claw

The Waikato 320 Claw offers unsurpassed milk extraction capacity plus a modern design for simple use.

Robust yet lightweight, this ergonomic claw is one of the most successful claws on the market. Large bore milk inlets and outlets improve milk flow and milk evacuation while promoting a stable dynamic milking environment. Interchangeable pulse blocks allow quick upgrades to be made with ease. 

• Weighs just 420g
• 320ml capacity
• Stainless steel tops
• Fits large bore liners
• Automatic shut off valves available
• 4+0, 2+2 and SmartD-TECT pulse blocks available

• 5 year unconditional bowl warranty
• Good ergonomics
• Unique, lightweight design
• Easy to keep clean
• Flexible to integration
• Made to last

Tech Specs:
MATERIAL: Stainless steel base plastic bowl
OUTLET: 19mm and 22mmw

Waikato Liners Image

Waikato Liners

Waikato Milking Systems make a wide range of liners to suit a variety of cows for optimum milking.

Manufactured from only high quality synthetic and natural rubber materials, our liners are designed to achieve flawless performance throughout their life. Our compound choices meet or exceed regulatory requirements and complement the performance of the entire milking system. We have a wide range of liners to suit different teat sizes, shapes and operator preferences.


Quadrant Square Liner Image

Quadrant Square Liner

A whole new approach to milking with a unique square barrel design.

The square barrel leaves a small channel open on collapse for constant vacuum supply. This ensures less cup slip and eliminates any extra mechanical pressure on the teats. With improved teat condition, milking is faster and more productive.

“When I changed to Quadrant square liners an improvement in milking comfort, teat condition and udder health soon became obvious. Cows are more settled in the shed and cup slips are few and far between. These liners made a real difference”. Warwick Kent, Southland Dairy Farmer


Air flow continues: Air is supplied to the vacuum chamber via the corner channels of the square liner barrel. The vacuum that is created grips the teat throughout pulsation phases and reduces cup slip.


Air flow reduces: The liner collapses closely around the teat which reduces air flow to the vacuum chamber. As a result, vacuum is low in the chamber and cups are more likely to slip.

• Improved teat condition
• Less cup slip
• Faster milking

Waikato Shells Image

Waikato Shells

Waikato Shells are strong, robust and locally made.

Waikato Shells are made from high-grade stainless steel to provide a lifetime of reliable performance. The stainless steel construction ensures exceptional durability and product life. The nipples are designed to position the short air tube accurately and in line with the pulse block on the claw. Use these shells with Waikato Milking Systems liners to ensure a perfect fit and optimum performance. Waikato Shells come in standard and lightweight options. They are the same dimensions but thinner steel is used for the lightweight option.

• High grade stainless steel
• Excellent integration with Waikato liners and claws
• Exceptionally durable
• Available as standard or lightweight

• Strict quality control ensures exceptional and consistent performance
• All shells perform to highest expectations
• Compatibility assured with future Waikato liner designs