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1.9m Concrete Platform

The Revolution 1.9m concrete rotary platform is the ideal solution when all you want to do is “get milking”. It is a great choice if you are on a budget and looking for an entry-level platform.

Revolution platforms are easy to upgrade. You can add automation, specialised milking equipment or herd testing equipment later as your business grows. Most of the standard equipment, mounting options and herd test brackets that you see on an Orbit or Centrus come as optional extras on the Revolution – giving you flexibility and choice. Optional features you can add at any time include BailGates and the range of new generation technology from Waikato Milking Systems including SmartECRs, SmartD-TECT, SmartSPRAY and SmartWASH.

Operationally, the Revolution is the same as an Orbit or Centrus. Throughput is similar and rotation speed can be customised to suit your preference. The operator position and safety features are also the same as the Orbit or Centrus. A difference is there is no deck overhang to cover your milking equipment as you get with the wider 2.7m options.

• 1.9m wide concrete deck
• Robust and well-proven galvanised sub-structure
• Strong steel I-beam and radial rollers
• Replaceable I-beam wear strip
• Proven and reliable SmartFIT mounting system
• Single operator control console with additional options available
• Variable Speed Drive Controller
• Teardrop bails protect in-bail equipment

• Cost-effective alternative to the Orbit or Centrus
• Simple to install, use and maintain
• Operationally similar to the Orbit and Centrus
• Options to add automation, specialised milking equipment or herd management technology

Composite 2.7m wide deck (54 bail only)
Concrete 2.7m wide deck
Concrete 1.9m wide deck
Steel "I" beam and radius rollers
Bolt-together bail structure
Twin electric 55kw Platform drives (up to 60 bails)
Platform Skirt - one piece stainless steel
Smartfit mounting system
Internal walkway with safety rail
Internal access ladder
Platform control module
Single operator control console
Dual operator control console

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