SupaFlo Industrial Plate Cooler

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A large frame floor mounted plate cooler, the Supaflo Industrial Plate Cooler is built to suit a range of applications.

Common in larger herringbone systems and most rotary dairies, it offers very efficient cooling. Made by Flomax in New Zealand, it is built to use farm water supply to pre-cool the milk before it enters the vat allowing the refrigeration system to complete the rest of the milk chilling cycle. The size ranges from 3,000 litres per hour to 12,000 litres per hour in both single pass versions (farm water cooling only) and dual pass (farm water on one channel and chilled water on secondary side).

• Fabricated from the highest quality materials
• Manufactured to I.S.O. and M.P.I standards
• Simple stripping and reassembly
• Free standing
• Galvanised floor mount bracket available
• Double bank coolers available

• Provides quick efficient cooling
• Easily cleaned using Clean In Place (CIP) or manual operation