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We're very happy with the new parlour. There's nothing I would change.

The end of milk quotas in Ireland enabled Bruce Thompson to increase the size of his herd from 55 cows to 200 on his 91 hectare spring calving farm.

“We’d been milking through a 12 unit herringbone but increase in herd size meant we needed something more efficient.

“We compared the cost of a rotary to a 30 unit swingover herringbone and calculated we would spend between €12,000 and €15,000 extra in labour each year in a herringbone because we’d need an extra labour unit.

“We wanted a parlour where one person could easily milk 200 cows and the best option was a 40 bail Orbit.

“Our new parlour does exactly what Waikato said it would. It’s simple to milk on my own with automatic cluster removers, teat spray, auto bail retention and a central wash gland which allows us to continue milking while we wash the machine.

“The cows are milking very well, very quick. We’re very happy with the new parlour. There’s nothing I’d change.”

Dairy Type

Orbit Concrete Rotary

Plant size

40 bail

Herd size

200 Cows

Key Technologies

ACR,s, SmartSPRAY, SmartWASH