National Fieldays 2017 Jun 14th - 17th, 2017

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Mystery Creek

Fieldays 2017 proved without a doubt it is the southern hemisphere's largest tradeshow. All sorts of businesses made sure they put their best foot forward as visitors from the world over came through in big numbers to see what this 4 day event had to offer.

Waikato Milking Systems, in its 50th year was present and showcased new innovations that cements the brand as the leader in dairy solutions. Be it the Goat Platform, the Centrus G3, the NaviGATE or the AIC range of tools - all were new additions to our product pool, carefully designed with the customer's inputs and usage in mind.

Being a part of such an evolving market one needs to ensure that they are willing to change and expand. This year's Fieldays outing was especially satisfying in that regard as it allowed us the opportunity to experience the very fact that we have been able to the lead dairy technology innovation space. We have set our precedence and we intend on continuing!   

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