Fieldays 2018 June 13th - 16th, 2018

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Fieldays 2018

Fieldays NZ, Mystery Creek, Hamilton, New Zealand

The 2018 NZ National Fieldays has come and gone. A total of 130866 people added to the success of the event. Although marginally down on 2017, the attendance was good.

There were four key products on the WMS site this year, Centrus G4 – NaviGate – Goat Rotary – Supa4.

Those of you that visited the site would have seen the latest iteration of the Centrus composite rotary on show for the very first time. Called Centrus G4, the design has undergone a considerable upgrade with changes to the composite deck, the sub structure supporting the deck and the addition of a brand new double beam nylon roller chassis complimenting the static and pivot rollers already available with our standard single beam systems.

Waikato Supa4 – always a solid performer. Well established both locally and abroad, a 6 bail working model of this milking system was demonstrated at the event. Now the performance of Supa4 can be further enhanced by adding new technologies aimed at gathering milking information while still providing the fast milking speed and efficiency it has become famous for.

The goat rotary on display illustrated the latest model, refined further in 2017/18 and now commercially available in this format. Established and operational, the first Canadian installation is performing well above expectation and can be seen in operation by visiting our website.

NaviGate was a key feature of the event. An expanded solution now includes milking management software, electronic ID, an extremely capable and well engineered draft gate and “Heat Time” considered to be at the top of its game when it comes to identifying animals in-heat.

The value of “Product Integration” was clearly evident in our displays and fully understood by farmers asking about our equipment. The ability to plug and play is seen as a “game changer” and a “must have” when upgrading or building new.



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