Canadian Dairy XPO - 2018 4-5 April, 2018

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Canadian Dairy XPO - 2018

As a first-time exhibitor, Waikato Milking Systems steadily and noticeably built some buzz within hours of the show opening. Our booth stood out as different and polished. On display were the Centrus cow rotary, Goat rotary and AIC Waikato tie-stall products including Freedom and Expresso Detachers and an Expresso/Waikato Swing-Arm combo. it was an illustration of the innovation we bring the region. 

Conversations in the booth varied from the local rumours about our soon-to-start-spinning 100 stall Goat rotary for goat enthusiasts to bovine operations and the labor and cost advantages that our composite rotary could bring.

A seed has been planted in the Toronto region that will reap rewards in the near future. We will be monitoring the leads we collected with Phil Kostuck, our regional lead salesman, to ensure all are followed up on.

Our ability to communicate personally to a few local dealers and visit the nearby goat rotary were very big advantages to being at this show. We will be participating next year at the same level!

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