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Reduce your labor, and increase your
productivity with SmartD-TECT


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Reduce your labour, and increase your productivity with SmartD-TECT’s automation technology.

SmartD-TECT automates your stimulation and prep routine by delivering three valuable milking functions, without adding any additional tasks for the operator:    

Eliminates fore-stripping
• Pre-milking stimulation

• Udder health detection

With SmartD-TECT, the cluster can be attached immediately after the teat wiping process. This ensures the same milking routine every time - without the operator needing to estimate the best attachment time, or missing the best time if they become distracted.

By removing processes and the variabilities of operators - SmartD-TECT provides consistency in performance, and productivity advantages that no other conventional milking system offers. Learn more...

Watch these short videos about two of our projects and how SmartD-TECT Works

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Bentham Bros Dairy - Michigan USA
Clinton Farms - Wisconsin USA