Rotary Farmers

Tui Glen Farms Partnership

Impressed with the wide range of locally developed technology that Waikato Milking Systems had to offer, Peter Risi selected an innovative product combination. The components function in sync with each... 

46 South Pastoral

''After seeing the Centrus in action i was convinced that it was the platform for us. The reduced weight, the quietness, the look the rubber matting, the Centrus is just... 

Te Mara Farms

“The new 60 bail Centrus Rotary has sped up milking time significantly and the lightweight platform places has less stress on drive system and is easy to clean and... 

Lynda and Edgar Brotherton

'Waikato SA is a one stop shop for all the equipments and technology required to make an efficient and innovative milking parlour and their service is exceptional!' 

Guy Williamson

'Over 10 years ago I chose Waikato Milking Systems to install my 40 point Supa4. It has only served me well and together with the excellent service I have received... 

Alwyn and Stefan Raubenheimer

'The simplicity of the machinery makes it easy for the staff and sets the pace of operation in the dairy. We actually look forward to the milking each day'. 


Nelius van Greunen has found milking cost effective and efficient in his milking parlour from Waikato SA. 
“The support and understanding of the team at Waikato SA has helped make milking... 

Matt and Julie Ross - Kokoamo Farms Ltd

“Modern, cost-effective and reliable technology that anyone in the team can use, I wouldn’t install anything else.”- Matt Ross. 

Mengniu NuoGan

Mengniu is one of the largest dairy companies in China. They have installed two side by side 80 bail Orbit rotaries. Waikato Milking Systems worked in partnership with herd managemennt... 

Caotan Dairy

This 70 Bail XP Rotary, complete with the latest Afimilk herd management technology was installed for Caotan Farm's 24 hour milking environment. Mr. Yang wanted a high quality rotary solution... 

Sansaw Estate

Sansaw Estates is a family run farm that has been converted to dairying in a large-scale and high-profile conversion in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Sansaw Dairy was officially opened by the... 

Grassmere Farm

Ross and Mat Hocken invested in a 50 bail Rotary and Afimilk herd management system from Waikato Milking Systems. 
"We want the best production out of our high quality cows, so... 

Cranleigh Agri Business

Cranleigh Agri Business milks 650 cows on a 300ha farm alongside other enterprises including commercial calf rearing, crops and horticulture. 
Owner Alan Henderson is always looking for the best technology to... 

Devon Dairies

Devon Dairies, owned by Jim and Jenny Cooper, covers 2800 hectares. This is their third shed on the property. 
General Manager Mike Thompson says they went with Waikato Milking Systems because...