Rotary Systems

Milking on a rotary platform is the most efficient way to milk large herds. We have a range of innovative rotary platforms for every size and type of dairy farm, to suit every budget. All our platforms are designed to save you time, money and labour. They all seamlessly integrate with our milking systems and new generation modular technology, to deliver the best results for your farming business.

Our platforms are easy to install, simple to use and easy to maintain, while also achieving exceptional performance from your herd. A range of unique design features make our rotary platforms stand out from the competition. This includes a 2.7 metre wide deck in our most popular models, for unbeatable protection of your milking technology. Our focus on design and innovation means we continually offer farmers leadingedge technology to solve farming challenges – keeping you ahead of the field.

Few of the key features that sets our rotaries apart and ensures efficiency are - 

  • Deck sloping outwards - Improve cow comfort and milking performance
  • Steel Structure/Bailwork - The steel components of each platform are pre-formed in the factory and fully galvanised before reaching your site
  • Teardrop Bail Design -  Protecting equipment in the bail area
  • Bail Gate Straps -  Automated cow restraints for rotaries
  • Clear space under platform - Designed for superior milk flow and equipment protection
  • SmartFIT Brackets -  Makes installation even more efficient
  • Rollers & I-Beams - High quality rollers and I-beams ensures longer track life and durability
  • I-beam - 100mm contact strip - Complete roller cover and greater load bearing surface
  • Drive Units and Track Oiling system - Brings the platform to life and maintains a constant supply of lubricant to ensure excellent track condition
  • Feedbins/Feed troughs - Reliable and effective feeding solution
  • Stairs/Ladders - Safe, easy access to centre of platform