Herringbone Supa4

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Fast, clean, efficient milking

Known for its fast, clean milking characteristics the Waikato Supa4 has outperformed and out sold all others in its class.

The Supa4 has a standard installation process that ensures the integrity of the product. The design calls for a single 100mm milk-pipe draining into a receiver at one end of the pit. It is impossible to flood a 100mm system and with modern milk pumping systems milking is both fast and uninterrupted. The unique mounting system for a Supa4 accommodates a wide range of Waikato Milking Systems accessories including Swing Arms, Swingdown cluster washers. 

With a Hurricane wash system now standard on all Supa4’s, not only does the machine milk faster and more efficiently, it cleans up just as well.

• Single 100mm pipe
• Unique mounting system
• Innovative Hurricane Wash System

• Very easy to operate
• Can support a large number of clusters
• Very fast milking
• Stable vacuum
• Superior and easy to use wash system