Goat + Sheep

Dairy goat and sheep milking are two highly successful and growing niche industries supplying high quality milk for specialist product manufacture.

Waikato Milking Systems has earned a worldwide reputation for innovative, superbly designed platforms and
technology for the bovine dairy industry. We have applied this expertise to a range of products which will
add new dimensions of efficiency and productivity on sheep and goat dairy operations.

An understanding of the unique characteristics of small ruminants has generated systems which work with the
animals’ behaviour and maximise productivity. We have been involved in a number of installations working
with leaders in the goat and sheep milking industries. Demand is growing as farmers experience the Waikato
Milking Systems’ difference. The Capra Rotary for Goats and Sheep has been designed with animals and
operators in mind and is extremely efficient for large herds.

Our Lowline herringbone option has been crafted and customised to milk goats and sheep with maximum
effectiveness. It is able to handle large herd numbers quickly and efficiently while retaining excellent vacuum