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Get water to areas where it’s never been before!

The e-Pump is a standalone, fully automatic solar pumping system which pumps water in the remotest parts of your property. It pumps both clean and dirty water efficiently and sustainably. 

You will no longer have to spend time traveling to refuel your pump, the e-pump is your peace of mind solution, that is a set and forget system – no electricity or batteries required!

The ePump difference

      • Built to withstand the harshest environments
      • Three models - 
              1. 60 metre pumping 23 ltrs per minute
              2. 120 metre pumping 15 ltrs per minute
              3. 40 metre pumping 30 ltrs per minute
      • Eliminates regular checks for maintenance and refuelling
      • Environmentally responsible alternative
      • Labour efficient 
      • No ongoing power or fuel costs

 # Flow rate dependant on sunlight hours and intensity

“This is a game changer for us. We now have a reliable pump system at the back of our farm with no electricity required. The ePump automatically pumps water without the need for us to travel out to the remotest part of the farm. The ePump has enabled us to lift our stocking rates and be more productive. We’ve also reduced our carbon footprint by using a solar system which is an environmentally friendly solution.”

– Stu Harper, Farmer

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Contact us on 0800 EPUMPS (37 86 77) or for our valued international customers call us on +64 7 849 8755