All the milking components from Waikato Milking Systems are built to the highest standards to ensure you get the best possible milking performance from your herd.

Tried and tested over many decades in many countries and under all milking scenarios, you are assured of the ultimate milking experience. Many exciting options are available for you to enhance your milking system, ranging from standard equipment to more advanced automated systems. Add from the wide range of options to build an even more powerful milking system to suit your needs.

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New Generation Technology

All our products are designed to integrate seamlessly with your milking system, and with each other where beneficial.
Each product has... 


Pulsation Options

Pulsation technology significantly effects the well being and production of a dairy herd and the efficiency of a milking machine.... 


Cup Remover Options

Cup Removers are a great way to reduce the manpower needed to milk in your Dairy. Waikato Milking Systems have... 

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Cluster Sets

A cluster includes the liners, shells and claw. Choosing the right combination is crucial to ensuring udder health and optimum... 

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Wash Systems

An effective Cluster wash system ensures the hygiene and longevity of your milking equipment. 

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Milk Recovery System

The Milk Recovery System ensures most of the residual milk in your system is emptied into the bulk tank at the end of milking.
A pneumatic device with an electrical timer,... 

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Get water to areas where it’s never been before!
The e-Pump is a standalone, fully automatic solar pumping system which pumps water in the remotest parts of your property. It pumps... 

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Receiver Group

Waikato receiver groups are made to the highest standards to ensure effective vacuum, milking and washing performance.
These essential parts of the milking system are manufactured from high grade stainless steel... 

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Orbitor Gland

Used in all Waikato Rotary systems, the Orbitor Rotary Gland is the main centre swivel used to transport milk, vacuum and power in a single unit.
Its unique design allows milk... 

Stainless Steel Milk Filters Image
Stainless Steel Milk Filters

Waikato Milking Systems milk filters are made to high standards to ef fectively filter foreign bodies from the milk before the milk passes through the plate cooler and into the... 

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Heavy Duty Bails

The large scale 24/7 dairy farms in places like China and America often use larger breeds of cows to meet their production demands. To tackle such scenarios Waikato Milking Systems... 

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Dairy Effluent

Hi-Tech Enviro Solutions is a privately owned Morrinsville-based Dairy Effluent specialist business, established in 1992, through the merger of a Dairy Effluent pond pumping operation and a pump supply and... 

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Milk Sensing Technology

As a part of continually improving our product range and services we provide to our dairy farmers, we have recently bought out AIC Dairy Technologies in the USA. They are...