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Little Budd’s Farm is a 408 acre property located on shores of Westmeath’s Lough Ennel, converted to dairying in 2015, milking 450 cows.

A new Waikato Milking Systems 44 bail Orbit rotary was built complemented by SmartECRs, SmartWASH, SmartPULS and SmartSPRAY. The dairy also has stainless steel bins for in-shed feeding and 16 track gland for further expansion of technology in the future.

The platform was installed by MR Dean UK and the plant was installed by the Dairy Power team. 

The new dairy is due to be commissioned in early 2016 but GD Young said the installation has gone extremely well, to specification and dates and he is looking forward to seeing it in operation.

Dairy Type Orbit rotary
Herd Size 450 Cows
Plant Size

44 Bails

Key Technologies

SmartECRs, SmartWASH, SmartPULS and SmartSPRAY.