Goat + Sheep

Dairy goat and sheep milking is developing into two highly successful and growing niche industries in New Zealand. Waikato Milking Systems is pleased to offer farmers in these rapidly expanding industries a number of milking options that deliver excellent results.

They are specifically designed to work with the animals behaviour and maximise productivity. We have been involved in a number of installations, working with leaders in both the goat and sheep milking industries. Demand is growing and people are seeing the benefits of using our systems.



The Capra - for goats and sheep, is a world-class rotary platform that gives you outstanding outcomes – every milking.



Goats and sheep enter the Capra from the centre of the platform, using an underpass and are milked facing outwards.... 

Herd Management - Goat and Sheep Image

Herd Management - Goat and Sheep

At the heart of precision farming lies the need to be able to make the correct management decisions on a... 

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Goat + Sheep Milking Products

Our flagship products are extremely efficient for herds of all sizes, and designed with both the animals and operators in mind....